How Intentional Are You About Your Legacy?


“With malice toward none; with charity to all!” Abraham Lincoln, Second Inaugural Address, March 4, 1865

In my coaching and consulting practice I often talk on the importance of being intentional about the legacy you want to leave for the time that you spend on this earth. How will things be different for you having lived? What are people going to be talking about at your funeral?

8 Commandments of Extreme Self Care

Extreme Self Care

I got too far out of my routine of self-care in the last few weeks, and ended up with a head cold and a lack of ability to be my best in the service to others.

This was a great reminder for me on the critical importance of taking care of myself so that I have the required amount of energy, focus, and stamina to effectively serve my family and my clients.

How Are You Packing For A High Performing Day?

Are You Packing For Success

Packing properly for the occasion can mean the difference between success and failure. When you are heading out on a fishing trip, you need to be sure to pack poles, tackle, bait, food, etc. Forgetting any one of these key items could ruin your trip.

A mentor of mine recently shared how he packs for each day, knowing he might encounter people that need spiritual help or guidance. He always has his car trunk full of materials that he can share with others. Things like books such as Lead for God’s Sake and Jesus Calling, CD’s such as an interview with John Wooden and “If you Want to Walk on Water, You have to get out of the Boat”. All these things allow him to effectively serve others.

Are You Looking For and Complimenting Great Service?

Above and Beyond

Servant leaders are intentional about providing “above and beyond” service.  I continually explore the values of companies I tend to frequent.  I especially look for employees carrying out or expressing those values when I’m there.  Lately, more often than not, I’ve been pleasantly surprised as companies seem to be getting the servant leadership message!

I have often drawn a contrast to the service received on Delta as compared to Southwest Airlines. Southwest is renowned for their customer service and the experience they provide for their customers. After flying Delta last week, and over the last few months, I don’t think I can honestly contrast the two from a customer focus and service standpoint any more.

What Can I Learn From Jesus Washing His Disciples’ Feet

Character is the key to Leadership

Personal character is a summation of the qualities that define us as an individual and as a leader. Character is the key to leadership.

In his book, On Becoming a Leader, Warren Bennis notes that research at Harvard University indicates that 85% of a leader’s performance depends on their personal character. There is no denying that a person’s character is absolutely critical in their success as a servant leader.

Bring Your Best and Get Out of the Way

Bread & Fish

I had the opportunity to attend the Willow Creek Global Leadership Summit last Thursday and Friday. I found it extremely valuable as I felt all the speakers delivered excellent content on leadership development.

I especially enjoyed the transformational message from Pastor Albert Tate.

How Important is it to Make People Happy?


As a servant leader do you care if people are happy? I wish there was a happiness meter, as I believe this would be an important metric for any team. Employee engagement surveys are often a good barometer of happiness and employee morale.

I had the great honor and joy to celebrate Dan’s (my youngest son) wedding on Saturday with the love of his life, Jenna.