Deflator or Encourager?

35 Days of Encouragement

There has been a lot written and said about the “Deflator” recently. The “Deflator” is the nickname of one of the equipment managers of the New England Patriots. Tom Brady supposedly worked with him to have footballs deflated to a PSI that he was comfortable with to effectively throw passes that his receivers could catch.

This situation has not worked out real well for Brady or the Patriots at this point. Being a deflator as a leader is not good either!

Moms Are Truly Shining Examples of Servant Leaders

IMG_2381 (2)

Mothers are typically great servant leaders. I think there is a certain amount of instinct in being a great Mom, but those that work at it intentionally will definitely make an impact for generations.

I am totally enjoying the opportunity to see a wonderful example of three phenomenal Moms illustrating a model of servant leadership to my granddaughter, Sylvia. Her Mother, and her two Grandmas are each an exceptional blessing to Sylvia.

Selflessness….It’s Hard!

Do Not Get Lost In The Age

We are living in a world where “Selfie” is now a word. A selfie is a self-portrait typically taken with a smart phone at arms’ length and then posted on social media. Selfies are harmless but the challenge as a servant leader is to not get lost in the age of me, me, me.  Instead we should focus on being selfless.

Selflessness is hard! We would all like to think that we focus on others over ourselves.  A great way to analyze our motives in this area is to do a personal assessment. Do you:

The RIGHT Word Is a Gift!

Use 'Life-Giving' Words, Not

Small things often make a big difference. Words are one major example of this. Servant leaders understand that their words can shape relationships, workplace culture, and any interactions they have.

I listened to a speaker last week that had spent 30 years serving on the Ohio State Highway Patrol. He was a master at the use of words. He shared how important it was when he was arresting someone to use words that showed the individual dignity and respect even in these tense, sometimes perilous situations.

Maple Syrup Season Leadership Lessons

Maple Syrup Leadership Lessons

We wrapped up another fabulous Maple Syrup Season on Saturday. This was our 4th year and each season seems to be more fun and rewarding than the last. The rewards are not about the amount of syrup we produce, but instead about the relationships formed, enhanced, and solidified!

This season produced the following servant leadership lessons:

Servant Leaders Extend Easter


I hope you had a wonderful day on Sunday celebrating Easter and our Risen Lord with your loved ones! Every Easter people celebrate with meals and family get-togethers. Many gather with the largest church crowds they’ve seen all year; others join small groups to rejoice quietly in places where gathering is life threatening.

I feel challenged to not allow the resurrection of our Lord be a one Sunday event, but instead allow the truth to truly impact and affect my life on a daily basis.

Intentional Living

Are Your Priorities Straight-

If you knew you only had 6 months to live, what would you do with your life? That was the question posed by the speaker, Todd Gongwer, author of Lead For God’s Sake, last Thursday evening at a fund raising event I attended for Marshall Area Christian School.

It was a question that really resonated with me, as that morning I had been in an accident, where someone pulled out right in front of me and in an effort to miss hitting them, I swerved left, they hit me, and spun me into a ditch and my truck rolled over to it’s side.

Building Competence & Accountability

Need Help-

We had a great start to a new year of Leadership Roundtable the last two weeks. Leaders in 4 communities in Central MN kicked off their 1st Year of Leadership Roundtable. It is always inspiring for me to work with these leaders who have an unending passion of personal development and who want to look to Jesus’ guidance on the subject of leadership.

I always share with leaders the key to getting the most out of Leadership Roundtable is to develop a system of accountability to insure they truly enhance their leadership competence. Servant leaders build their character by being accountable and competent!