How To Become a Better Listener


How many relationships have deteriorated due to lack of effective listening? How much organizational potential has been left un-tapped? How many children have not achieved their potential due to feeling a need to be compliant to direction?

Being an effective listener is one of the most important attributes of a servant leader! The better listener you are, the more influence you will have, and the more positive impact you will make on those in your life.

The “Blocking & Tackling” of Building Relationships

Building Relationships

How intentional are you about acknowledging people when you see them? Have you ever had a boss or someone you know, walk right by you as if you weren’t even there? When you are on the receiving end of what was probably unintentional neglect, it doesn’t feel good.

We all get busy in our lives, and are wrapped up in what we are doing. We get on a mission, are totally focused, and miss many opportunities to connect with people on the way.  When we do, it sends the wrong message to people, and certainly will not enhance relationships.

What Can I Do To Help?

What Can I Do To Help

What would the world look like if we all truly lived by the message of Ephesians 5:21?

Submit to one another out of reverence for Christ.

Let’s break this down. According to the dictionary, the word reverence means “a feeling or attitude of deep respect tinged with awe”. I recently heard a Pastor define submit as, “to leverage all I have for the greater good of others”.

Why Would I Engage in a Coaching Relationship

Why engage a coach

Do you ever look at certain people and wonder how they seem to be so successful in their areas of expertise? I love to analyze people that perform at a high level and determine what sets them apart from the pack.

One common denominator always seems to be their heart for servant leadership, or saying it another way, their focus on others as opposed to themselves.

But digging further on that, how have they gotten to that point? What has led to their high performance in this area? I believe it to be coaching.

What does Teamwork have to do with Building Vision?

Vision of a Preferred Future

I had the honor and privilege of working with two organizations last week as they built their vision of their preferred future. It never ceases to amaze me of the power of the Team in this work.

Recently, our community of Alexandria, MN also witnessed the power of the Team when 25 people (Administration, Staff, Community, Students) came together over many months to build their vision for the future of education in their School District 206. The summation of their 50 pages of documented vision was:

Here is the Powerful Secret to High Performance

Powerful Secret to High Performance

Do you ever feel overwhelmed with your responsibilities? As servant leaders we know that we are to consistently Build Performance in every aspect of our lives and leadership. That can be extremely daunting.

Jesus model of Building Performance sets the bar extremely high for us. In fact so high that on our own we cannot do it. Lets looks at a Biblical example where Jesus is asking for enhanced performance.

Four Ways to Ensure You Live Life to the Fullest

Ensure You Live Life to the Fullest

I was reminded of one of my favorite bosses last week as I was on an Alaskan Cruise. He was not a fan of cruises. He described a cruise as “Being in jail with a chance to drown”.

From his viewpoint, this was an absolutely true statement. While on a cruise you are dictated by a schedule that you cannot change. Once you are on the boat, you cannot leave and go home. You can’t adjust the schedule. You are stuck for the duration. Not only that, if there is a problem, you may drown. Lovely!

Insights on Becoming “World Famous” from Pike Place Fish Market

World Famous Pike Place Fish Market

What does it take for an organization to become “World Famous”? I found out this week while spending some time in Seattle with the fishmongers at Pike Place Fish Market.

This team is all in and passionate about their vision of “Being World Famous”, and “World Peace, an idea whose time is come”. It was very clear that leaders at Pike Place Fish Market were extremely intentional about building: